Haute Couture Spring 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elie Saab


Christian Dior


Bouchra Jarrar

Wow, what a week full of beautiful collections. Elie Saab is my favorite of all the shows, with full-skirted dresses and slim evening gowns, he did what he does best. It was a rainbow of pastels in almost every color that makes you think of Spring. Nearly every garment had sparkle on it, but what separated each one from the previous was the silhouette. Some had long sleeves, a long train, or an exaggerated neckline. I'd like to say though that each dress looked like butter, it's absolute perfection. Chanel, being my second favorite, surprised me greatly this time. I actually really enjoyed this collection, while most times I pick a few things here and there, this time I picked almost every single piece. Now it might be because there is almost every possible shade of blue in this collection, but nonetheless the garments are beautiful. With fashion-forward, upbeat pieces, it's definitely a stretch from some of the other recent collections. Valentino created a wonderful collection for Spring that reminded me of grazing pastures, but in a more elegant style. Think Marie Antoinette laying around her estate in Versailles, enjoying the small things. There was something antique about the prints on each dress that really made me smile. And finally, Bouchra Jarrar created a precise collection full of pieces that were a little more masculine. Trousers and double breasted silhouettes, it gave a military feel. Definitely made for the modern and contemporary woman.

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